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BWP Grade Block Board (Platinum)


Our Platinum BWP Grade Block Board is made of 100% selected, treated and seasoned pine wood & solid gurjan core veneer. It carries all the qualities like termite and borer resistant, warp free and uniform thickness. Being phenolic bonded, it withstands moisture and cyclic changes in temperature and humidity. It bears high mechanical strength, hence it never warps/bends under any wood working conditions.

Usage :- Furnitures, partitions, racks, shelves, shutters, under layer for decorative laminates.

Standard Thickness (mm) :- 19, 25

Standard Size (mtr) :- 2.44x1.22, 2.44x0.92, 2.14x1.22, 2.14x0.92, 1.84x1.22, 1.84x0.92

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