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Who we are

Apollo Plywood Industries has been around for over a decade and a half.The factory is located at Kaliyaganj in the district of North Dinajpur,the northern part of West Bengal.Since our inception, the focus has always been on developing quality products at an affordable price. Our expertise lies in manufacturing and making all variants of plywood, block board & flush door. Our products are marine graded and borer proof stated, Integrated with warp-free and anti-termite features.We employ skilled,semi-skilled and unskilled personnel on our team to maintain high standards of our products.Today, we are one of the leading industry torchbearers, supplying calibre products to corporate houses, architects, designers and individuals.

Our Vision : Our vision has always been distinct and a dedicated one. We are committed to deliver best of products guaranteed against every kind of damage and deterioration through natural agents like termites, borer and other harmful elements.We aim at reaching every household in the country.

Our Mission : Our mission is as simple as our working style. We aim at manufacturing best quality products that’s high on innovation, providing exceptional service to our customers who look upon us with desirable expectations.

Why us : Our management is sincere enough to take care of the entire production process and efficiently execute the orders of clients. For us, ‘Quality is not an act, it is a habit’.

Our Team

Sukumar Sarkar

Raj Kumar Jalan

Shubhadip Sarkar

Subhamoy Sarkar

Rajarshi Samanta

Our infrastructure

Our unit has 2.5 lakhs sq.ft. area out of which 1.5 lakhs sq.ft. area is covered and has all types of advanced plywood, block board and flush door manufacturing machineries. We have an excellent in house stay for workers with proper working environment and a dedicated R&D team who regularly figures out new technologies to improve the standards of the product.We are an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 business organisation and members of Indian Plywood Industries Research & Training Institute(IPIRTI) and Indian Green Building Council(IGBC).


Our products are produced through an automated manufacturing process which ensures uniform quality on every parameters. State- of- the- art machines that ensure perfection at every step, numerically controlled and calibrated temperature, pressure and duration, and automated material transfer helps maintain quality and also conserve energy.

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