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BWP Grade Block Board (Club Plus)


Our Club Plus BWP Grade Block Board is made of 100% selected, treated and searched pine wood, solid core veneer. It is fabricated as a five ply construction - a central core of wooden strips, two cross bands and two gurjan face veneers on each side of the core assembly. The grain direction of glued core veneers is at right angles to the grain direction of face veneers in adjacent layers. Other parameters such as hot-pressing, press temperature and pressure etc, are same as in plywood processing. Usage :- Ideal for cabinets, almirahs, doors, partitions, shelves,roofing,fencing etc Standard Thickness (mm) :- 19, 25 Standard Size (mtr) :- 2.44x1.22, 2.44x0.92, 2.14x1.22, 2.14x0.92, 1.84x1.22, 1.84x0.92

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